APRIL 27-28, 2024

We take youth development and leading outdoor youth adventure seriously. Any volunteers, on the bike or off, who will interact with youth in any of the Adventure Team communities will:

  • Pass a nationwide background check.
  • Complete all seven online training modules, or attend the Leading Adventure Summit.
  • Pass with an 80% or higher on each module quiz. 

Online training generally takes 3-4 hours to complete. The Leading Adventure Summit is a day-and-a-half networking and professional development experience. Both paths will get you adventure-ready, but if you can fit it into your schedule, we highly recommend the opportunity to spend a weekend with Adventure Team leaders from all ten communities and the chance to get on-the-bike training in the field. Our onboarding process covers the following topics:

  • Background & Culture
  • Mindsets (Growth vs. Fixed)
  • Risk Management
  • Operations
  • Rides (how to lead them)
  • First Aid
  • Abuse Prevention

The learning management system (LMS) includes a library of resources covering a wide range of relevant topics: 

  • How to perform ABCD bike checks (videos)
  • How to address bullying
  • Child abuse/neglect
  • Concussion prevention
  • Conversation starter tools (how to communicate with kids)
  • Emergency action plans
  • Growth mindset language
  • Helmet fitting
  • Overcoming obstacles (videos)
  • Trail etiquette
  • and much more

We run a tight ship and strive to set you, the potential volunteer, and our 906AT families and communities up for success. Volunteering shouldn’t feel like a job. When you show up to ride with the kids, everything will be ready for you – and if it’s not, we’re not doing our job. Basecamp needs to be consistent, organized, and predictable. Let’s leave the adventure for the ride.

906AT provides everything you’ll need to lead groups besides a bike, helmet, and personal effects. Every station has two-way radios for each group lead and a backpack for the group leader with everything you’ll need to address trail-side mechanicals to scraped knees. Every station also has a bike stand, so you can pre-trip every bike and go through the ABCD bike check with each rider.

Leading by example takes extra effort, time, and attention to detail. The kids are worth it, and we want parents to feel they’re leaving their children with people who take responsibility for leading them seriously.


Have additional questions?

Select one of the volunteer roles (on the bike or off the bike). If your community rides one day a week, we ask that you attend all of the rides unless you’re on vacation. Pick a day or do both if your community rides twice a week. The commitment is up to you, but we’ll count on you to be there every week once you pick a day.

You can be experienced or brand new. We’ll train you. We need leaders willing to show up and be role models for the kids. If you’re inexperienced but love working with kids, we’d love to have you on our team.

906AT offers volunteers two options: You can attend the Leading Adventure Summit or complete the training online (or do both). We also provide OTB (On The Bike) Skills for Leaders, so you know how to teach the skills we’ll focus on this summer.

Adventure Teams develop youth resilience and community. We do not race. We do not keep score. We do not group by skill. There is no clock. Our staff and volunteers will meet youth and volunteers where they are. You have one mission, should you choose to accept it. Get a little better every day. It’s You vs. You.

We work hard to keep out-of-pocket costs for volunteers low. If cost is a concern, please get in touch with us for more information.


Empower Youth

We’re heading into our 10th year and we are ready to kick off the next decade of building youth resilience and empowerment. But we can’t grow without your partnership and financial support.