Training Plans

We’re very fortunate to have some of the top endurance coaches in the world, Rob Lee and Mudslingers Endurance Coaching, partnering with us to ensure that you are ready for everything the U.P. (or we) throw at you. 

Training comes with a few barriers. Who has the time, who can afford it, and why? We’ve spent the last ten years trying to remove those barriers and redefine how people view and approach training. The first two, cost and time, were the easiest. Our training partners have done a great job offering plans with realistic workloads (time commitments) and overall costs for various budgets. 

The last barrier, or WHY we should train, has required more time and intention. Historically training has been viewed as an activity performed by athletes, those who make a living through competitive endeavors, or those who live to compete. Since most of the world’s population has a day job and that day job is not a high-level competitive sport, folks figure training is something ordinary people don’t need to do because their day-to-day profession doesn’t necessarily require it.

Ultimately only you can answer WHY you would or should train, but we will offer a fresh perspective. For starters, remember, whether you are or are not an athlete, performance is essential; for most of the free world, a box score doesn’t measure performance; it’s how we show up and get after things in day-to-day life. So instead of tying your value of training to a timebound event or performance, look at it as something that will improve and enhance your life. Ready or not, tomorrow is always coming for you. 


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906AT has a large and active online community. Everyone is welcome to join and be part of it. Groups are a great way to learn about each event, get answers to questions, and get support. Groups are not a great place for your politics and agenda. If you bring them there, we’ll remove you. The groups help people prepare for the events, find their limits, and finish what they start. 

Who Is Rob Lee

In April of 1993, Rob Lee started mountain biking, and four weeks later, he entered his first race. By the end of that season, he’d won a race, and an obsession with performance, the art of making humans faster began. By 1996 he gained his XCO Pro Licence. 1998 he was ranked No.10 in the UK. In 2003 he won his first attempt at solo 12-hour. In 2005 he won the masters title at the 24-hour solo World Championships. Rob retired from pro racing in 2008 and immediately set about breaking long-distance trail records. A comeback in 2010 saw him win almost every race he entered. At some point during the past three decades, he’s raced in every cycling discipline except BMX and track, winning at every cycling discipline he’s raced in. He was inducted into the UK MTB Hall of Fame in 2013, and as recently as 2022, at the age of 49, he won the single-speed category at the British 24-hour solo MTB National Championships.  

His coaching journey began officially in 1995, teaching off-road skills to athletes on the West Thames development program. He has been a regional performance coach for British Cycling, owned and managed the dominant endurance team in the UK from 2004-2010, written/co-written two books, featured and advised every major cycling magazine in the UK, coached athletes to World and National titles, and beginners to their first finish in some of the major events in the world. Rob has qualifications in coaching, nutrition, bike fit, cycle mechanics, and business management. He has three years of experience as a wind tunnel consultant working with some of the fastest racers in the world, from road, track, and triathlon. He owns RLP Coaching, works full-time coaching, and is a coach mentor and exam assessor for the Association of British Cycle Coaches. He has been the official coach of the Marji Gesick every year since 2018, supplying training plans and consultation for 906 Adventure Team, Marji Gesick, Polar Roll, and the Crusher. He has been Todd’s coach since November 2019.

His complete performance CV can be viewed HERE


Why use RLP Coaching?

Rob Lee is RLP Coaching, and RLP Coaching is Rob Lee. He is the senior coach and the ONLY coach you will ever need to deal with. When new coaches want to elevate their business, they employ Rob to teach them how (or seek to imitate his business, website, or practice). Rob provides data-driven coaching backed up by 30 years of experience in human performance. He knows how to make humans faster. He understands how to find performance from limited training time around families, friends, commitments, and business. He has coached new parents to championship titles and company CEOs to UCI stage race victories. His coaching philosophy is first to understand the person and the environment that person lives in. Fitting coaching and training into the demanding and often delicate framework of everyday life is the art and science of good coaching, and Rob lives for good coaching! His pricing is fair and affordable, coming in at a mid-point compared to the mini-empires of his pro-level coaching peers and UCI professional race teams’ bolt-on coaching arms. He delivers full-time professional coaching support at a price just above that of the many part-time hobby coaches you could hire instead. His experience is unique, his business is unique, and his coaching is something you deserve if you want the best return on your investment.

Who Is Mudslingers

Welcome to your not-so-typical organic, back-to-basics, down-and-dirty, and fully customizable coaching platform. Mudslingers Endurance Coaching is owned by lovers of dirt, endurance punk rock superstars Al and Kristen Wade. We rely less on the metrics and more on the athlete. The Wades are working to build a community of #DRTBAGS who share the sentiment that life is a series of cultivated challenges that can be fun and engaging but also an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. 

For more information, check out MEC at mudslingersEC.com or send us an email.


Empower Youth

We’re heading into our 10th year and we are ready to kick off the next decade of building youth resilience and empowerment. But we can’t grow without your partnership and financial support.