906 Adventure Team

We have a unique take on membership. We want it to be more than a transaction; we don’t want it to become a hierarchy. Some people will make financial contributions; some will volunteer; others may offer goods and services, and a few might do it all. Every effort matters. Every action counts. If everyone serves the mission and focuses on what they can contribute toward the greater good, it pushes us closer to making a real difference. 

So, how do you become a 906 Adventure Team member? By taking action. You can support us financially. You can help us reach more kids. You can offer professional services. Help establish a new Adventure Team or volunteer at Basecamp. If you’re helping us move forward, you are a member. 

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” – Aristotle

People do and give what they can when they can; it’s not a linear journey. Responsibilities change and evolve. People start new jobs and families or move away and then come back. Levels of involvement change like the seasons, and that’s ok. We’re in this together. 

Send us a message. Let us know how you can help.

Supporting Partners

A 501(c)3 organization, building a nationwide community one partnership at a time.

Building Basecamp One Partnership At A Time


Empower Youth

We’re heading into our 10th year and we are ready to kick off the next decade of building youth resilience and empowerment. But we can’t grow without your partnership and financial support.