Spring Training

We started Spring Training in 2016 to introduce kids to the gym environment, show them how to use equipment safely, and build self-confidence. Gyms can be scary! Strength training is a positive and fun activity kids can participate in for life.

What is an athlete?

In our world, the term “athlete” is limiting; the last thing we want to do is define a person’s potential. Therefore, we don’t use labels. You don’t have to be an athlete to train. We work with kids from all walks of life with a wide range of interests. Some play sports, and some don’t. The question is: Do they want to get better? Are they willing to do the work? Will they show up? That matters a heck of a lot more than a box score.


We’ve been working with Superior Fitness since 2018. Ron and his staff have made youth training affordable, educational, and fun. They provide a positive environment and professional instruction emphasizing proper form, gym etiquette, and safe training habits.

Our goal is to create a Spring Training Program that other Adventure Teams can use to build strong youth in their community.

There is no finish line

Adults like to give kids finish lines and clocks. Hurry toward this goal. Hurry to that goal. Everything gets measured, including the kids. We emphasize a philosophy of You vs. You. You are your competition. Work on getting better every day. Personal development never ends. There is no finish line.


There’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you are an adult. Ask yourself – why do I train? What’s my motivation? Do I follow through? When the event is over, do I keep training? Most people quit when things don’t go well or they lose interest in competition. That’s why we focus on teaching kids to train for life. Events come and go; we can sign up or stay home. Do you know what we can’t avoid? Tomorrow. Like it or not, it’s coming, and we need to be ready. #TRAIN4LIFE


Everyone will abide by the “10 Things”. Spring Training shirts are required, with no exceptions. Our attendance policy is simple: if you’re signed up, show up. Participants must maintain at least an 80% participation rate. The workouts will be challenging, and the results will be rewarding.

Empower Youth

We’re heading into our 10th year and we are ready to kick off the next decade of building youth resilience and empowerment. But we can’t grow without your partnership and financial support.