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REGISTER Friday, October 13 at 9:06 PM
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Complete the Endurance Trilogy.


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Join one or all of our community groups on Facebook.
906AT has a large and active online community. Everyone is welcome to join and be part of it. Groups are a great way to learn about each event, get answers to questions, and get support. Groups are not a great place for your politics and agenda. If you bring them there, we’ll remove you. The groups help people prepare for the events, find their limits, and finish what they start. 

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Whether you’re #freshmeat or are returning to settle some #unfinishedbusiness here’s a few things that have been written about the event. But take them all with a grain of salt. It’s not as bad as they make it seem. Or is it? Only one way to find out.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”
– Mike Tyson

Don’t be a #quitter, have a plan that’ll get you off the mat

We’ve partnered with Rob Lee, one of the top endurance coaches in the world, to build training plans for every level of rider. If you’re looking for a personal best on our short race or you’re trying to reach the podium on our long race we’ve got ya covered. The weather up here in The U.P. is unpredictable, prepare for it.

Ways To

Not ready to take on the challenge yet, or want to volunteer? There are plenty of other opportunities to support the community and our children’s future.

There are a ton of opportunities to volunteer for our events. Contact us for more information.

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Why should you sponsor one, or all, of our events?

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the 906 Adventure Team’s sole purpose is to make an impact on our community. Unlike those other events, we’re not owned by a publicly-held corporation, or charging $650 for a day of adventure. We’re trying to change lives, not bank account balances.

Our audience vocally support the brands that support our events. Our sponsors often go out of the way to tell us that our racers make an impact on their business.

Sponsor Our Events

When you make an investment into the 906 Adventure Team, you’re doing more than just helping a kid get on a bike. You’re helping get kids outside, where they will make new friends, explore their community, and gain confidence. Coaches encourage kids to try new things, expand their comfort zone, and set and work toward goals. 906 kids are taught to compete against themselves and to support others. The kids encourage one another, often inspiring each other to try new things or take a second and third run at an obstacle they couldn’t clear. When you support 906, you’re supporting the development of more resilient, independent, and active kids.

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"There is no finish line.”
- Todd Poquette

I think of events as experiences or chapters of life we dedicate to personal change. Sure, for some, it’s all about chasing that win or a podium, but for most of us, it’s about what happened in the middle, between the beginning and the end, the moment we wanted to quit but kept going, a chance to find our limits. A lot happens in the bush when you’re out there for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. These guys and gals help us capture and tell your stories. 

Supporting Partners


Empower Youth

We’re heading into our 10th year and we are ready to kick off the next decade of building youth resilience and empowerment. But we can’t grow without your partnership and financial support.