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What people are saying:

“What makes Adventure Bike Club special is that its objective isn’t to produce faster mountain bikers. It centers on building up the individual and the community. The goal is to teach essential life skills through prioritizing effort, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, developing healthy habits, and encouraging kids to focus on the journey. So many youth athletic opportunities create a focus on competition and outcomes. There’s certainly value in that, but it limits who can participate. There are only so many opportunities to push yourself athletically in a group, with it being a competition. It also creates a chance to experience mountain biking at a young age. Adventure Bike Club opens this sport to any kid who can pedal a two-wheeled bike.”

What’s new in 2024 for Adventure Team:

We’re adding an Adventure Team in Dickinson County, MI. This will be our 11th community to launch an Adventure Team! We’re kicking off with 50 youth and 25 volunteer leaders and we cannot wait!

What’s new in 2024 for Adventure Team Marquette County:

In 2024, we’ll be piloting our Adventure Running Club in Marquette County. Adventure Running Club will be for youth who are looking for a different way to experience adventure. Our mission isn’t changing, we’re just looking for more ways to impact the youth of our communities. Adventure is adventure, whether you’re on a bike or off. Let’s get more kids outside!

New volunteers

In many ways, the next part is the most crucial: the point where you lead by example and commit to being there for youth in your community this summer. 
Good news for new volunteers – no previous experience is necessary: If you care about youth and want to impact their lives positively, you’ll fit right in. New volunteers are paired with experienced leaders. We welcome all riders regardless of their ability on the bike. We’ll find a group that is the right fit for you. We ask that you show up every week and for the kids once you commit. We understand folks take vacations and encourage it; just let us know upfront so we can schedule accordingly. On average, the weekly time commitment is about 2.5 hours one night a week. 


Have additional questions?

Adventure Bike Club start and end dates are generally selected to line up with when school gets out for the summer and returns for the fall. We ask that volunteers commit to every week. Consistent volunteers lead to a better experience for everyone involved, especially the youth. We understand that work and/or vacations happen. We ask that all volunteers (and youth) adhere to our 80% attendance policy. If you are unsure that you can commit to volunteer for at least 80% of the rides, you might reconsider volunteering.

No experience is required. If you can ride a bike but you’re not a skilled mountain biker, we have a place for you. We’ll train you. And, we have basecamp volunteer opportunities, too. We need volunteers who are ready to show up and be role models for the kids.

906AT offers two paths: You can attend the Leading Adventure Summit or complete the online training (or do both). We offer an On The Bike Skills class at our Leading Adventure Summit, too.

We group by age, not skill. Adventure Bike Club is a space where kids can adventure together without an emphasis on who is the best, fastest, or the most skilled. They learn how to lift each other up and challenge themselves at the same time.

No. Experience dictates that both the youth and adult volunteers have a better experience when they are in separate groups.

In addition to a bike (or running shoes) and helmet, volunteers are also required to have their 2024 nameplate and 2024 volunteer shirt at each ride. Nameplates and shirts create a sense of unity and community. In addition, having an identifiable shirt and nameplate is a safety measure. We expect the same of the youth so you need to lead by example.

We work hard to keep out-of-pocket expenses low. If cost is a concern, please get in touch with us for more information.



Empower Youth

We’re heading into our 10th year and we are ready to kick off the next decade of building youth resilience and empowerment. But we can’t grow without your partnership and financial support.