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Before you Adventure

Nutrition (Fuel)

Download & review our Nutrition Guide for proper pre-ride nutrition tips. Poor eating & hydration can and will negatively affect your ride.
• Bring enough nutrition and hydration to keep you going strong during the ride.


• Check the weather. Bring gear that will meet the demands of the ride and potential weather.
• Helmets are required.
• Durable, close toed shoes are required. No open toe shoes, flip flops etc.
• We highly recommend protective eyewear. Clear lenses will work in any light.
• We highly recommend riding gloves.

Make sure your bike is ready

• Parent note: Your child is growing! Make the bike isn’t too big or too small.
• Bikes require maintenance. Have your local shop perform a tune-up and identify potential issues.
• ABCD Bike Check

a. Air. Is there enough air in your tires? Is there too much air? Is there enough air in your shocks?
b. Brakes. Do both brakes work? Bounce! Are any parts loose? Bounce your bike and find out.
c. Chain.  Make sure your chain is not rusted and full of gunk.

d. Drivetrain. Are the crank arms tight? Is the cassette free of debris? How much wear do the cassette and chain rings show?

• Make sure quick releases are closed tightly (or thru-axles).
• Take a slow, brief ride to verify everything is working (shifting, braking etc).

Make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you think you’ll be back!