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About us


We commit our time and energy to three primary areas:

  • ‍Creating opportunities to get more Youth and Families on bikes: FREI Day Night Family Rides, Take-a-Kid-Mountain Biking Day.
  • Junior Racing Development. Not for the sake of creating Elite racers but to instill work ethic, discipline and confidence in youth 12-14 and 15-18 years-old. 
  • Organization and operation of the 906 Polar Roll and Marji Gesick 100 for the purpose of giving back to those organizations responsible for creating the trails our families enjoy.

The 906 Adventure Team is a community cycling team under the Range Mountain Bike Club 501c3 non-profit organization. A unique aspect to the 906 Adventure Team is our definition of the word “Team”: Our “Team” consists of more than cyclists. We view our riders, their families, our race volunteers (of which there have been many) and the infinite number of local groups, city and state agencies and law enforcement departments we've worked with part of the team. 

In the words of 906 Founder Todd Poquette:

“If you want to be part of an organization who’s sole purpose is to support and give back to the cycling community, you belong on the 906 Adventure Team.”

Our success?

Our success since 2014 is attributed to finding the right people, good luck, the right timing, community cooperation and a few good decisions.

Our mission?

We want to get more families on bikes to introduce them to healthy, active lifestyles and choices. In order to support the organizations providing the resources (trails) our group promotes and executes non-profit races that raise money for Range Mountain Bike Club and NTN Singletrack. 

Consistent with our mission the majority of our time is spent working with youth riders and families at events such as the FREI Day Family Rides (Spring-Summer) and Take-A-Kid-Mountain Biking Day (Fall). We also created two non-profit races which in just over a year have given $20,500 back to local trail organizations Range Mountain Bike Club and NTN Single-track. Looking ahead we hope to establish a Youth Cycling League here in the Upper Peninsula. More on that later!

How do I join the Team?

We get this question a lot. Lets put it this way, if you want to join the team, it’s not just about riding a bike and racing. In fact, for many of the adults and our committee members, riding and racing often gets placed on the back burner. The truth is we all have professional careers, families and our underlying motivation is more for our kids and the community than ourselves. Being part of the team doesn't require an invite - you just need to get a hold of us and get involved. By volunteering your time, participating in the events and wearing the jersey you qualify in our eyes as a team member.



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