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What They Say

If you want to be part of an organization whose sole purpose is to support and give back to the cycling community, you belong on the 
906 Adventure Team.
Todd Poquette, Committee Member
906 Adventure Team joined RAMBA (Range Area Mountain Bike Assoc.),
a non- profit organization, in the Fall of 2014.    RAMBA has always struggled financially and although we are well known in the local biking community few outside the western half of the U.P. had heard of us!  Thanks to the hardworking efforts of a tireless group of volunteers from 906 Adventure Team, the Polar Roll Snowbike Race and Marji Gesick 50/100 Mountain Bike Race were started!  Since the advent of these two races, 906 Adventure Team has donated $10,250 to RAMBA which in turn helps build and maintain trails in western Marquette County for all to use!  Not only have the Polar Roll and Marji helped RAMBA financially but by bringing over a thousand racers (most from outside the U.P.) to our area, it has brought national attention to RAMBA and our local area.  With the positive experience these racers have received, due to the 906 Adventure Team, many will return to ride our trails, eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores and sleep in our hotels!
Danny Hill, RAMBA President
Our son has been with the 906 Adventure Team since it first began.  The coaching and mentoring has been spot on.  Not only has he gotten stronger as a cyclist, but he has gained confidence in his abilities as a biker and member of the local community.  They have focused on rider safety and courtesy, and these are traits that young riders will carry with them forever.  Thank you 906.
Annie Stanley
My son Travis has been affiliated with 906 Adventure Team for two years. In those two years, he has sharpened his biking skills and has stood atop podiums, but these are not the only reasons 906 Adventure Team is an important part of his life. Travis has learned about commitment and discipline, lessons that follow him from the bike trail and into the classroom. During training for the Iceman Cometh, Travis came across a quote that stuck, “You are the sum of all your training.” Skip a workout and you will pay on race day. Train without fidelity and you will pay on Kirby’s Hill. It all adds up.
Travis’ connection with 906 Adventure Team has also built his confidence confidence built by exceeding expectations on the trail and on the podium. It is a confidence built through his connection with the members of 906 Adventure Team. Travis has received positive reinforcement from a community of people who appreciate his hard work and determination. Their encouraging words and gestures have lifted him up in a way that “atta boys” from family cannot. There is a strong camaraderie among the youth team, as well. They encourage one another while training, share virtual props online, and cheer for their teammates at the finish line.
Suzanne Hindman
Being involved with the 906 Adventure Team has been a very positive experience for my family. With one in college, one in high school and one in middle school I see each of my children benefiting from being a part of this program as people, growing into responsible adults and community members.
Francine Suriano

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