Marji Camp 2024

JUNE 6-9, 2024 DETAILS ● 80+ Adult Campers ● 20+ Youth Campers (Youth must be 12 years old and entering 7th grade) ● 30+ Marji Camp Volunteer Coaches ● All registrations include an entry into the Marji Gesick 2024 CHECK-IN: RIPPLING RIVER Check-in is between 3PM and 8PM on Thursday, June 6th at Basecamp. Basecamp is in Rippling River’s Pioneer Circle. It’s where you will check-in,
pick up breakfast and coffee, and meet for dinner, camp talks and night rides. AMENITIES Remember: We ALL have to fit into Pioneer Camp. There are 24 sites and 130+ Marji Campers. We have to share sites. Make room for everyone. Cool? Good. If sharing isn’t your thing, please find your own accommodations. 906 Adventure Team will not reimburse you for accommodations elsewhere. ● There is a bathhouse and shared water-source. Each site has a 30 amp electrical hookup.
Rippling River has a pool, hot tub, bar, and a small general store which are all
located at the main office. ● Cold beer at Marji Basecamp in the evening (by the tents). ● Complimentary WiFi. MARJI CAMP SCHEDULE (ADULTS + YOUTH ) Thursday, June 6
 ● 3PM-8PM – Check-In (Campsites cannot be occupied prior to 3PM.) ● 9PM – Night Ride (Highly encouraged. Try to ride with people in your group.) Friday, June 7 ● 7:30AM – Breakfast & Coffee – provided by 906 ● 7:30AM-10:30AM – Run ● 9AM-12PM – Ride ● 12PM-1PM – Lunch – provided trailside by 906 ● 1PM-4PM – Ride/Run ● 6PM – Dinner/Beer – provided by 906 ● 7:30PM – Campfire Talks ● 9PM – Night Ride/Run Saturday, June 8 ● 7:30AM – Breakfast & Coffee – provided by 906 ● 7:30AM-10:30AM – Run ● 9AM-12PM – Ride ● 12PM-1PM – Lunch – provided trailside by 906 ● 1PM-4PM – Ride/Run ● 6PM – Dinner/Beer – provided by 906 ● 7:30PM – Campfire Talks ● 9PM – Night Ride/Run Sunday, June 9 ● 11AM – Checkout from Rippling River Notes for Parent’s of Youth: ● Youth participants must be transported to trailheads by their
parent/guardian. – Youth participants must have an adult in the area who is NOT
participating in Marji Camp. The adult must be reachable by phone at all times and be prepared to pick up their youth participant at any time during the session. – Youth participants will change locations immediately following lunch
both days. Parent/Guardian must provide transportation. More
specifics will be provided at check-in. – Youth participants must be picked up by a parent/guardian at 4PM
from their assigned location each day. ● Breakfast – If your youth wants breakfast: Bring them to Basecamp between
7:30 and 8:30, then transport them to their assigned trailhead by 9. Breakfast is highly recommended, however if it’s not consumed at Basecamp just head right to the assigned trailhead by 9. Lunch will be provided at 12 (trailside). ● Dinner, Campfire Talks and Night Rides – Youth participants can stick around
for the evening but are the responsibility of their parent/guardian at all
times beginning at 4PM. Also, note that the evening events are adult-driven;
there will be beer and adult language. ● Saturday | 4pm Pick up at the same location you dropped off. Youth are the
responsibility of their parent/guardian after 4pm. ● Initially, youth will be grouped by age. As the weekend progresses, we may
move youth around, as necessary. ● Camp will be challenging. It might be one of the most difficult things they’ve
done. Ensure your youth is physically, socially and emotionally prepared for
the challenge. We don’t want to set youth up for failure. RIDE/RUN LOCATIONS You’ll be assigned to ride/run with your group at trailheads around the NTN and
RAMBA trails. Riders and runners are responsible for getting themselves to and
from ride and run locations. The distance between Basecamp and trailheads is
anywhere between 0 and 20 miles. Consider this if you’re carpooling to Marji Camp. – It’s highly likely you’ll be in different groups with different locations than the
person you carpooled to Marji Camp with. You can probably find a ride from someone else in your
group but YOU need to figure that out. Group assignments will be shared at
check-in. FOOD AND BEVERAGE We will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and beer on Friday and Saturday. If you
have special dietary requirements, we recommend that you self-support. BREAKFAST Breakfast provided by 231 West and Coffee provided by Velodrome Coffee Co. Will
be available for pickup at Basecamp at 7:30AM. Menu TBD. LUNCH Provided by 231 West, will be delivered to your ride/run locations. Menu TBD. DINNER TBD GEAR REMINDERS **KEEP IN MIND, TEMPERATURES IN MARQUETTE DURING JUNE CAN VARY GREATLY. PLAN ACCORDINGLY** ● Bike or running shoes ● Helmet ● Lights (for night ride/run) ● First Aid kit ● Camping gear ● Rain gear ● Layers ● Knee pads, elbow pads (optional) ● GPS ● Bug spray ● Supplemental food, hydration, and basic nutrition VOLUNTEER COACHES All of our coaches are volunteers, many of them traveling from a distance to be
here this weekend. Some have finished Marji, and others have not. They’re here to
share their experiences and help you get ready for Marji Gesick. Big thanks to the
crew. Marji Camp couldn’t happen without you. MARQUETTE MOUNTAIN Please do not pre-ride anywhere on Marquette Mountain property. Their trails are
not open to the public. You must have a season pass to ride trails on their property.


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