CRUSHER IS BACK. Register TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW #1 CRUSHER IS CELEBRATING TEN YEARS OF FUn … and to help you celebrate we’re creating new MS and EX courses, and adding a MS350 option (this year only). See #4.  #2 SELF SUPPORTED ETHOS The spirit of the event is straight forward. We’re not here to help you. You and 399 other people are out there on their own. You need to be prepared. Carry the recommended gear. Plan for the worse, and work together. GPX is required. Course signage is not provided. No one is coming to save you. #3 AID STATIONS / NEUTRAL SUPPORT Don’t look for aid stations – you won’t find any. You may find unofficial aid out there. Don’t thank us, we had nothing to do with it. Neutral support is allowed but must be offered to anyone requesting it. It’s you against us. Work together. #4 MS350 100 spots. Point-2-Point. 350-miles. Starts on Friday. Cutoff IS 5:30 am Sunday morning. Where you start and when is TBD. That’s all we are gonna tell ya. #5 HOW TO SECURE A CAMPING SPOT AT OTTER LAKE CAMPGROUND Spots are gonna go fast. They’ll probably be gone within the first hour of registration opening. Don’t call Otter Lake Campground. You can select your site when you register on bikereg. When the sites are gone you can put your name on the waitlist (also found on bikereg). Otter Lake Campground will start reaching out to folks who secured a site by mid-January. Camping is a community event. You’ll be sharing sites and space with others. If you’re looking for a secluded romantic getaway, get a hotel. #6 WE’RE BRINGING THE FOOD TENT AND BEER SHARE BACK What did we do when we lost the food truck? What Crusher always does… ADAPT. We had so much positive feedback on the tent that we decided to bring it back in 2024. The only thing more popular than the food tent was the “enhanced beer share”. We asked every Crusher to bring their favorite six-pack or a six-pack from their hometown to Otter Lake as a contribution to the community coolers. It. Was. Awesome. So we’re gonna do it again. #7 PLAN FOR THE WORST Do yourself a favor and take this advice: Train like you’re gonna have to ride an extra fifty miles, and pack your gear based on the absolute worst case scenario. If you do, you’ll be prepared no matter what happens. #8 Field Manuals We take everything you need to know about Crusher and put it in a Field Manual. We won’t release the 2024 CR24-MOD1 Field Manual until mid-late June, but you can visit the website (www.crushergravel.com) and get a copy of the manual we used this year. It is a great starting point for someone that is new to Crusher. Also, you should join the Facebook group, Crusher: Enhanced Gravel Discussions. The Crusher community is an invaluable resource.  #9 CHECKPOINTS For god’s sake don’t miss a damn checkpoint! Crusher is more than a race. It’s an adventure, and checkpoints help level the playing field. Ya gotta collect all of the checkpoints. If you don’t you’ll be disqualified. Everything you need to know is in the Field Manual. Read it. #10 THE PARKING IS TERRIBLE Just Kidding.


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