Winter Adventure in Da U.P.

Whether you’re looking to go for a fun rip in the snow or chase a buckle across the challenging 35-Mile course: You should put the Polar Roll on your winter race schedule. Marquette County trail gurus from RAMBA (Range Area Mountain Bike Association) and NTN ST have set the standard for creating and grooming wintry single track. Challenge yourself to take on the course, the terrain and always unpredictable weather. You have to be prepared for anything. The races will have separate starts but will both end in Ishpeming. Descriptions below and specific pages for race day details, our schedule of events, and of course the official Polar Roll Rules.
35-Mile Event SOLD OUT

The Official Great Lakes Fat Bike Series event. Race #7 of the Series. If “winter adventure” were in the dictionary you’d see a picture of our logo next to it. The course is long, varied and tough. The weather? Who knows. You can expect to be on course for three to 10 hours. You did not read that wrong. In 2016 we had racers on course for ten hours! This event is not for the faint of heart. You need to be mentally tough and prepared for anything. The course begins in Marquette traversing hilly sections of groomed single track maintained by NTN ST. You’ll connect to the west-end via snowmobile trail. Be ready for this section - it is a grind. When you reach Negaunee it is back into groomed single track. Danny will have some surprises waiting for you.
15-Mile Event SOLD OUT

Expect to spend anywhere from one to three hours on the trail. Maybe more. Weather and snow conditions will significantly impact this number! The course is looped: beginning in Ishpeming and ending there. Roll through the west-end “Snow Bike Trail” created and maintained by RAMBA. The trail is flowing with a handful of short punchy climbs. Generally speaking this event will be ideal for riders of all ability levels and interests. Experienced youth riders should be able to easily tackle this race. Please remember winter racing is a much different animal than events in the summer. Do not underestimate the course or potential danger should you go out unprepared.
Winter Enduro

The Sunday Morning Winter Enduro is back and better than ever. Featuring three runs and Contrast Coffee it's sure to make your winter memorable. Complete details can be found on our schedule of events page.
Bacon & Hugs

Yep. They'll be back. Check the course description for the location.
If stuff goes wrong

We've got all the details covered in our incident and emergency plans.