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We started a race...

That has turned into an adventure. Three years ago, we had directed a grand total of ZERO races. Saying our team was inexperienced would be an understatement. We didn’t know what we were getting into but we did have a goal: promote the fat-bike grooming efforts of Range Area Mountain Bike Association and NTN Singletrack in an effort to attract more people to Marquette in the winter. With a little luck the race committee hoped there would be enough money left over for to make a donation to both groups.

Marquette County features some of the wildest winter weather this side of Alaska. Deep snow, blistering winds, polar vortexes and untimely warm weather can turn winter races into epic adventures overnight. You will be tested physically and mentally. There will be times you’ll push and pull your bike. But just about the time you are ready to quit… our Bacon & Hugs Aid Station will be there to make sure you don’t.

We welcome everyone. Pro racers. Weekend warriors. New fat bikers. Old fat bikers. Youth. Men and women. You can race it for the win or ride it for the experience. Get it done fast or take all day. Spend some time at the aid stations and get to know the locals – they’re some interesting folk. Get out there and challenge yourself. Stay active. Winter can get pretty depressing and riding is the cheapest therapy!

Lots of community and a little bit of luck = success. The 906 Polar Roll has been driven by community involvement and engagement. Marquette has a can-do attitude. So do the racers. Friends, family, volunteers, local businesses and the trail organizations have helped create an event featuring the place we call home and the people who make it a special place to live.

Get ready to Polar Roll on February 18th, 2017. Party with us as Marquette Mountain that night and join us Sunday morning for a little winter enduro fun. Get off the couch and join us as we #ridegroomed.

Todd Poquette
Race Director
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25 mile race

Great Lakes Fat Bike Series Event.

Our 2017 course is brand new and delivers a true #ridegroomed experience. Range Area Mountain Bike Association and 45NRTH promise a one-of-a-kind experience deep into the backcountry of Marquette’s West End. This race is for the truly adventurous and heartiest of souls as it will challenge the toughest of racers to their core. You’ll get to ride trail previously untraveled by fat bikes in the winter.
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13 mile  race

All new course in 2017

Featuring the Range Area Mountain Bike Association SBT (Snow Bike Trail). #Ridegroomed approximately 13-Miles and finish back in downtown Ishpeming. It’s the perfect race for riders of all ability levels. You’ll have more than enough gas left in the tank to hit the Polar Roll After Party in the evening.
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saturday, february 18th, 2017 at 9:00PM


raffle 1

• 45NRTH Shell Jacket
• 45NRTH Shell Trousers
• 45NRTH Bib Knickers

rAffle 2

• 45NRTH Wølfgar Winter Cycling Boot

rAffle 3

• 45NRTH Dunderbeist 26 x 4.6" Fatbike Tire
• 45NRTH Flowbeist 26 x 4.6" Fatbike Tire

rAffle 4

• 45NRTH Dillinger 26 x 4.0 Studded Fatbike Tire

rAffle 5

• 45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies, Black Flat Bar
• 45NRTH Helva Pedals, forged alloy, black 315g

rAffle 6

• 45NRTH Merino Wool T-Shirt, Black
• 45NRTH Greazy Cycling Cap - 100% Merino Wool
• 45NRTH Windproof Hat
• 45NRTH Neck Gaiter
• 45NRTH Midweight Logo Sock
• 45NRTH Heavy Logo Sock
• 45NRTH Light Logo Sock

tickets are available at local bike shops, friday night packet pick-up and at the after party.

saturday, february 18th, 2017 at 7:30PM


25 mile race

Overall Winners for 25 MILE GLFBS RACE (Men and Women) will get the following cash prizes:
1st Place    | 2nd Place |  3rd Place
$250               |      $100       |       $50
Total payout $800.

13 mile race

Overall Winners for 13 MILE RACE (Men and Women) will get merchandise from 45NRTH.

saturday, february 18th, 2017 at 7:00PM

After Party



what's on the menu? 


sunday, february 19th, 2017

winter enduro


Packet Pickup @ 10:00am

Racer meeting @ 10:20

Enduro Start 10:30

Leaving from the South Trail parking lot:

1. Top of Green on the Powerline

2. Top of Freak-N-Nature down Smiley to McLellan

3. Eh line at the top of Benson Grade


1. This is a FUN event. Don’t be a tool.

2. You have 3 hours to finish all three runs. Eh Line must be your last run. 

3. Self seed yourself. Be realistic about your abilities. See #1.

4. Helmet required. See #1.

5. 3.7” tires or larger. See #1.

6. We suggest 5 PSI tire pressure. See #1.

7. All other Polar Roll rules apply. See #1. 

There will be a podium for you to celebrate your dominance BUT NO PRIZES. 

It’s a pretty chill event. Be chill. See #1.

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February 13, 2016


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