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Tinker Juarez of Team 360 Fly
11,000ft UPHILL

22 & 23rd, 2017

2016 race results



Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2016
Start Location: NTN forestville pole barn
Start Time: 7:30 AM
Belt Buckle Cut-Off: 7:30 PM (12 Hours)


Forestville Trailhead. Follow Wright Street north off of US 41 for approximately one mile to Forestville Road. Turn left. Follow Forestville road for 2.3 miles. Watch for railroad tracks to the right. Turn right and cross tracks. Watch for signs to the start line



Date: Friday, September 23rd, 2016
Start Location: NTN forestville pole barn
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Belt Buckle Cut-Off: 8:00 AM (24 Hours)


Forestville Trailhead. Follow Wright Street north off of US 41 for approximately one mile to Forestville Road. Turn left. Follow Forestville road for 2.3 miles. Watch for railroad tracks to the right. Turn right and cross tracks. Watch for signs to the start line.



Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2016
Start Location: Iron Industry Museum, Negaunee Township
Start Time: 9:00 AM


Located on Highway 41 between Marquette and Negaunee. Google “Iron Industry Museum Negaunee Township” to reveal the location. DO NOT ENTER on Forge Rd as this is the race route. ENTER off of Highway 41. If you utilize a GPS turn-by-turn assist it will bring you to the wrong entrance.



Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2016
Start Location: Iron Industry Museum, Negaunee Township
Start Time: 7:30 AM


Located on Highway 41 between Marquette and Negaunee. Google “Iron Industry Museum Negaunee Township” to reveal the location. DO NOT ENTER on Forge Rd as this is the race route. ENTER off of Highway 41. If you utilize a GPS turn-by-turn assist it will bring you to the wrong entrance.

Finish Line/After Party/Celebration Zone

A fairly significant change from last year affects the finish line. Jasper Knob is not big enough for this year’s race field. So we’ve moved the finish line to Main Street in Downtown Ishpeming! Racers WILL go over Jasper… and continue for another couple miles to the finish line.

The celebration zone located two blocks from the finish line will feature Blackrocks Brewery, Cognition Brewing, Food Trucks and live music. Food and beer will be available beginning at 2:00PM and should be available in some capacity until the last rider is in. Live music will run until 10PM. After ten the party will move inside Cognition Brewing… race staff will remain at the finish line and the finish line will remain up until the last racers are in.

Our intent with the finish line and celebration area is to offer just enough accommodations for our racers and families but not so much that it feels like a huge dog and pony show… We want the focus of the day to remain on the trails and the riders.Cognition Brewing Address: 113 E. Canda Street Ishpeming, Mi 49849 <<<This will get your loved ones and friends to the celebration zone.



We expect riders to be finishing:

MG100: 4PM Till ?
MG50: Noon - 6PM

Meet Walter Sobchak!

FOOD trucks!


Live music

Cannon ball Drag

the marji gesick adventure 2016

September   23RD   &   24TH,  2016
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Finish 100 mile race in 12 hours!
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self supported adventure

You are on your own. You fend for yourself.
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September 3rd, 2016.

21 short days from now… It begins. Some of you are coming to claim a buckle while others just want to finish. We applaud each of you. We are confident the course will amaze you. It features flow trails, jump lines, rocks, roots, technical challenges, climbs, descents, hand built trails, machine built trails… you’ll get to experience everything Marquette County has to offer in one day (or two depending on how fast you are).

Consider this a sort of race week primer. I want you to fully understand what you’re getting into and what to expect when you get here.

The Danny Hill Challenge

After Danny accepted the task of putting together the 100-mile route he came back from his recon rides and declared “No one will finish this in 12 hours” and put his money where his mouth is by offering $1.00 to the first person finishing under 12 hours on race day.

We’re going to honor this challenge in the following format:

$1.00 100-Mile Men’s Champion (Bike: Cut-off is 12 hours)
$1.00 100-Mile Men’s Champion (Run: Cut-off is 24 hours)
$1.00 100-Mile Women’s Champion (Bike: Cut-off is 12 hours)
$1.00 100-Mile Women’s Champion (Run: Cut-off is 24 hours)

(Reference down the page for more info regarding MG50 Awards)


MG CREW: We will update this as we get closer to the race but as of right now the plan is to have race officials and event staff in bright orange t-shirts making them easy to identify in the event you may have a question.

Self-Supported Ethos

You are on your own. You are responsible for you. Come prepared. Have the necessary tools. Bring lights. Have enough food. There are no official aid stations. Trail angels may set up trail side aid stations but we cannot guarantee the existence or location of said stations. You MAY accept food/water/medical assistance from a support person. We discourage the use of food caches. You MAY NOT accept any other type of assistance from an outside source. You must ride on the same bike all day. No bike swaps etc.

Road Rules Apply

You must obey applicable traffic laws. There are no volunteers covering road crossings. Competitors found to be violating traffic laws, endangering motorists or fellow riders will be disqualified from the race.

aid - stations

The Marji Gesick 100 does not provide aid or support. You are self-supported. That said, you might encounter “trail angels” during the adventure.
Our advice is very simple. Come prepared. Be prepared.

drop bags

 We will move drop bags for you to Jackson Mine Park. Both races go through the park twice through the course of the day. Drop bags need to be kept to a reasonable size – say the size of a duffel bag or small cooler.

MG Buckle Integrity

We realize the Integrity of the Buckle must be protected. Therefore anyone found to have not followed the exact racecourse would be disqualified from Belt Buckle consideration.

If you violate any of the race covenants you will be disqualified from buckle consideration.

In 2016 we will have a checkpoint system in place that will help us insure you have followed the course properly and not cut trail. You will be required to collect a certain number of markers and present them to Todd at the finish line. That’s all we’re going to tell you right now. You’ll get the rest of the info the night before the race. If you show up under 12-hours missing one or more of the integrity markers you will be disqualified from taking home a buckle.

We also encourage all racers to scrutinize race files wherever you may find them posted and heckle, mercilessly heckle, anyone who accepts a belt buckle having not completed the course proper!

Shuttle Services

Consistent with our self-supported approach the race does not offer a shuttle service.


Emergencies should be reported to 911. If you find yourself in need of help or if you come upon someone in need of help CALL 911.

Drop/Mechanical Policy

We need to know where you are… so if you drop/mechanical CALL THE NUMBER ON YOUR BIB. We had a couple people last year drop and not notify us. VERY stressful. If we do not hear from you, we assume you’re still out there somewhere. In the event you drop there is no Sag Wagon or Race Supported pick-up option.

Packet Pick-UP, LAst Minute sign-up and Timing

Packet Pick-UP: Packet pick-up will be from 5:00PM-9:00PM Friday night at the Border Grill 1145 W. Washington Street. Packets will be located in a large 20x30 tent next to Anytime Fitness (Border Grill’s neighbor). After getting your packet head over to the restaurant for burritos and some Frank & Da Beanz. Evan and crew will be jammn’ till 9:00PM… They’ll also be at the starting line Saturday morning. Race merchandise will be available.

Last Minute Sign-Up: Racers will be able to sign up to race at packet pick-up Friday night between 5-9PM. You WILL NOT be able to sign up the morning of.

Timing: We are utilizing Superior Timing services this year. We’ll provide updates on splits etc. as we approach the race.Le Mans style StartThe MG50 will feature a traditional bike race rollout. No running.The MG 100 will feature the Le Mans style start. Yes, everyone gets to run. The distance is 100 yards or so.

Virtual Race Bag

You will not receive the typical “packet” full paper, flyers and coupons. We’re going digital. Any deals, coupons or special offers extended by our sponsors will be delivered to you via email in one well designed package. I’d suggest watching for it. If you have people who will be waiting for you during the day they may have some deals they can take advantage of.


This is new. This is very important. There will be ZERO exceptions.

We’re going to create trailside checkpoints. Racers will be required to stop and collect an item from each checkpoint. ALL checkpoint items MUST make it to the finish line with you.

In the event you finish under 12-hours and qualify for a belt buckle but do not have ALL of the checkpoint pieces… we will not award the buckle. NO exceptions. You will also not receive the purse money of $1.00.

In the event you finish first in the non-buckle earning events but do not have ALL of the checkpoint pieces you will not earn the Champion vest from Podiumwear and you will not receive the $1.00 purse.

The integrity of the race is of the utmost importance.

Navigation, Map and Course Marking

Course Marking: Yes, we mark the course. We like to think we do a good job of it. That being said, as I have said all along, signs fall down, get blown down, people take them down, aliens abduct them, bears eat them… so use a GPX to ensure you are always on course. Course signs will be marked with reflective tape for night navigation.

GPS: We’ve said this for approximately one year and we’ll say it again USE A GPS. If you choose not… don’t blame us if you get lost. Please note: you could use your phone with an app in place of a separate GPS unit. That’s up to you. Once the course is set any number of things can happen to signs. Remember? They can fall down, blow away, be eaten by a bear or some butthole might take them down. We’ve been through this. Use a GPS or live on the wild side.


1. I will adhere to the self-Supported Ethos and be 100% prepared to fend for myself.

2. I understand and agree to obey by the rules of the road. I understand there will not be crossing guards at any road or trail crossings and that rules of the road apply throughout the course of the race.

3. In the event I do not bring a GPS, I surrender any opportunity to complain about course signage. The promoters have advised all participants since the first day registration opened racers will be required to use a GPS unit.

4. Should I find myself unable to continue the race I will contact the race hotline number that will be printed on the race plates.

5. I will call 911 in the event of any emergency.

6. I will call 911 and notify the nearest race official if I come across a fellow rider or runner in need of help.

7. Bikers coming upon runners will give fair warning to allow runners a comfortable opportunity to yield the trail.

8. Drop bags will be given to the race organizers at the starting line. They are not responsible for lost or stolen    items.

9. This is a mountain bike race. This race should be finished under your own power without assistance from any type of motor, mechanical assistance, peddle assistance or throttle assistance.

10. eBikes are not allowed. Human powered bikes only. Tire width your choice.


All four races pay out $1.00 to the first person finishing the race. For a grand total of $4.00.

Winner Vests
Both MTB races will award one vest to the overall male and female winner.Both Ultra Runs will award one hat to the overall male and female winner.
Belt Buckles
For applicable events. In the event we have more people finish under 12-hours than we expect you may have to receive your belt buckle in the mail. Not the ideal scenario but it’s the best we can do. We’re confident in our numbers… but could always be proven wrong! We’ll make sure to have one podium buckle to at least get a picture as you finish.
All awards will be awarded as the participants finish.

Suggested Equipment

Full Suspension bikes

GPS – if you don’t use it and get lost… don’t blame us
Tubes, tire levers and a pump


Transfers are no longer possible after September 11th. You will not be able to transfer to one race or the other at packet pick-up.


All racers will receive a complimentary sticker for their specific event at packet pickup.


Limited merchandise will be available at packet pickup and the finish line.

What to expect when the race starts

MG50 racers will slowly roll out for about one mile until they reach the IOHT. At this point racers will have approximately 5 miles on paved trail to jockey for position. They will roll through Jackson Mine Park and enter singletrack. MG 50 racers will roll back through Jackson Mine park mid-race and have access to a drop bag if they left one with the start teams.

MG100 racers will start with the Le Mans run. Once they find their bike it is straight into ski trails for the first 4 miles or so. Expect some climbing as you ride away from the start line followed by a fast descent into the Harlow Lake area. The ski trail will allow for racers to seed themselves with the appropriate pace.

MG100 additional note regarding flow of riders in singletrack: You’ll experience some level of congestion in the beginning as just about every race does. That being said… we’re very confident once you get into the singletrack and begin getting hit with the climbs and technical riding it won’t take long for people to begin spacing out. If you are one of those folks who thought they’d be riding in congested “Iceman lines” for 100-miles… you’re going to be surprised just how lonely it gets out there.

Watch out for our runners: We have around 12 runners in total signed up to follow the exact same course as the bikes. Cheer em’ on. They’re crazier that the bikers in my opinion.


Up to this point we’ve been full of bad news. Ready for some good news?Marji-Town will once again be set up in Negaunee and serve as a checkpoint all racers will go through twice. Think of Marji-Town as the ultimate aid station or spectator location to watch racers come and go all-day long. Racer drop bags will be moved from the start lines to Marji-Town. Until we can work out a few more details this spring we’re going to leave the rest a secret. Check back from time to time for updates.


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