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To help fund 906 Adventure Team and attract riders to Marquette County’s nationally recognized mountain bike trails, we host three major events.

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Marji Gesick

One of the toughest mountain bike races in the country, the Marji Gesick features 100 miles of rocks, roots, and rugged terrain. It’s so tough that about 70% of entrants don’t finish – giving the few who do bragging rights for life. The event has become so popular that we’ve added a 100-mile run, 50-mile bike ride, and 50-mile run. The Marji Gesick is part of The Triple Crown Series.

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Polar Roll

We don’t stop biking when the snow flies. In fact, we haul out the fat bikes and challenge riders to 35 miles of groomed fat bike trail – all subject to unpredictable weather, of course. The Polar Roll is part of The Triple Crown Series.

Visit the Polar Roll web site.

The Crusher

The Crusher is the ultimate Enhanced Gravel experience, offering all riders an opportunity to explore U.P. gravel, two-tracks and fire roads, at their own pace. For some it will be a race, while for others it will be a day of personal exploration and adventure. Established in 2014 as the Huron Mountain Crusher, and known for a short time as HAMR, we’ve returned the event to its original format and intention, offering men and women a unique opportunity to #findtheirlimits solo or as part of a team. The Crusher is part of The Triple Crown Series.

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