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Crusher Code

We put a lot of effort every year into creating dynamic and engaging content for our events, but this year for Crusher we wanted to do something different, and focus on what is important… 

  • People 
  • Preparation
  • Execution

Crusher Code. DOS prompts. The Matrix meets Call of Duty. Stripping away distractions. You prepared, or you didn’t. You get it done, or you don’t. It comes down to execution. It’s you and the task at hand. Maybe you fuck up. How will you react? C:\ADAPT.EXE? We hope so, it is the Crusher code, after all. 

Lemme tell ya something… we’re so focused on the fucking starts and finishes, we lose sight of what matters most, everything in between, the journey. When we line up July 15th let’s free our minds and be in the moment. A year from now no one will remember if you were first or last, but they’ll remember how you handled yourself for those 24-hours. 

CR23-MOD1.707 Field Manual

Everything you need to know is in the Field Manual. Download a copy. Study it. Don’t get disqualified because you missed a checkpoint.

CR23MS GPX Files


We found anomalies in some of the MS checkpoint data. We believe some of the original data was converted incorrectly. These checkpoints were affected:

  • Valley Spur
  • Hiawatha Kiosk
  • Laughing Whitefish Falls
  • Lakenenland
  • Au Train
  • Stueben
  • Camp 7

Revised checkpoint data can be found in CR23-MOD1-710


MS40: We felt the 22’ route was so damn good we wanted to do it again, but this time it’s going clockwise and we added a couple “enhancements” for ya. As always, we deliver on the Crusher promise, to give you more miles than you paid for. You have one resupply option on the route in Autrain. Other than that you’re on your own. You’re welcome.

MS50NFR: This year’s Not Fun Run warms ya up with a little gravel before sending you into Valley Spur for some Fun on the Munising Bay Trail Network, then we send ya back out on two tracks and gravel to the finish. Note: There are no resupply towns on this route. You’re on your own, eh. If ya have a crew, Valley Spur would be a great place for them to meet you.

MS100: We pre-rode most of the course on Friday and I gotta tell ya, it was FUn. It’ll keep ya guessing for sure. You’ll pass a number of resupply options: Chatham, Rumley, and Au Train. Make sure you know where Lakenenland is on the route, and stop by the fire, they’ll be there waiting for ya. Remember, 109 is the new 100.

MS175: So, last year we sent ya down to Lake Michigan and the Lighthouse. Kind of cool, a bit of novelty, for tourists. We decided to mix things up this year. Stonington is great and all, but you can go ride stuff like that anywhere, and it’s wide open fields for 35+ miles. I’m confident you will find this year’s route “more interesting”. Note: You have resupply options at Stueben (don’t miss the checkpoint, it’s off course a bit), Chatham, Rumley, and Au Train. Don’t forget to stop into Lakenenland when you go by (you have to go off-course 100-yards to see it). They’ll be waiting for you. Crusher delivers on it’s “free miles” promise too. Enjoy.

MSTEAMS: You have eight checkpoints this year: 4 Mandatory, 4 Bonus Points. We put in new stipulations on a few roads you can’t use, make sure to read the Field Manual. Cool stuff for ya to go looking for: Scott Falls, Rock River Falls, Old Charcoal Kiln Ruins, Bay Furnace Ruins, and a lot more. Do your homework. Can anyone get all of the checkpoints?

Food Tent + Community Brew Share

Wherein the EX format is all about solitude and going alone, the Mass Start is about sharing an experience with a few hundred friends and their families. Next weekend… we’re one big family. I received word the Brat Truck we had last year had something come up and can’t make it, and in true 906AT form we will #adapt. We have a team that will be slinging food for ya. Everything will have a “suggested donation” price. We’re not doing it to make money – we just wanna cover the expenses, if we can. Family and friends are welcome to peruse the menu and support the tent. Thanks for your support on this – pulling a food tent outta one’s rear 10 days before the event is a new adventure.


This is a little out of the box idea, and you can participate or don’t. We’re suggesting everyone bring a sixer of their favorite local (to them) brew to basecamp for a community brew share. If ya don’t do beer… bring cider, or soda, it’s all good. We’ll keep it on ice and available till it runs out.

Sports Rack will be at Otter Lake for your last-minute needs
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