906 Adventure Team relies on income from events, equipment grants, sponsorships, and individual donors like you to sustain the organization. Every partner is important, and we could not be successful without every one of them, but there is something special about the bond we share with you, the individual. There’s a good chance we’ve ridden together, laughed together, and suffered together (probably more than once).

906AT Shirts pictured are a limited-edition pre-order, orders must be received by Sunday night at 11:50 pm. We’re sending the order in to the printer Monday morning, so if you’re going to get in on this, now’s the time! Free shipping only applies to the lifestyle shirts.

Adventure is a lifestyle, and whether you live in the 906 or outside of it, you’re part of our growing community. The events, coupled with your stories, invite and encourage more people to join us, doing hard things, and finding our limits. In order for our program to grow, and help establish adventure teams in more communities, we will need more dedicated people like you supporting that growth. Frankly, it is because of your support, that we even believe it might be possible!