Press Release: 906 Adventure Team Youth Programs, Marji Camp, The Crusher, Marji Gesick

March 24, 2020

Following the Governor’s shelter in place order, continued calls for social distancing, and mounting uncertainty, the 906 Adventure Team and Director of Adventure, Todd Poquette, addresses questions about Adventure Bike Club and community events: Marji Camp, The Crusher, and Marji Gesick.

Adventure Bike Club: Poquette shares, “We have time. Programming doesn’t start until mid-June. Registration was set for April 1st to build excitement and give us time to add a few new things to the program. But the story has taken an interesting and unexpected turn – as adventures often do.” He continues, “We’ve changed the date from April 1st to “TBD”. It’s the right thing to do. It gives everyone one less thing to worry about. Our current focus is onboarding volunteers and coaches – so when it’s time to go we can go. All of the training can be done online – including content planned for the in-person Leadership Summit scheduled for April 25th (now listed as TBD).” Poquette adds, “Three words… Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. That’s what we need to do. That’s what everyone needs to do. Forget about “me” and focus on “we”. Respect each other, give your best effort, consistently take responsible action, and demonstrate grit. This experience will be an adventure we talk about for a long time.”

Marji Camp, The Crusher, Marji Gesick: “As of today (March 24th) the events are a go.” Poquette said. “Marji Camp could be affected but we will not make any decision on it before early to mid-May. CDC and Government guidelines will ultimately dictate what we can and cannot do this year. It’s a difficult position for an organization like ours to be in – the very essence of what we do is bring people together – but I have no doubt when it’s over and we begin to return to “normal” what we do will be more important than ever.” He concludes, “If I were signed up for one of the events I’d be getting ready. Why not? Give yourself a positive outlet. Look forward. If we have to move the dates so be it… we’ll figure it out… It’s part of the adventure. The last thing you want to do is let fear drive the bus. How do you keep fear out of the driver’s seat? Focus inside your circle of influence. Don’t waste energy on things you cannot control. By taking action you take control. Look forward. Adapt as required.”

On the Governor’s order to shelter in place and outdoor recreation: Now is the perfect time to seek new destinations (on public land), gravel roads, country roads, or even your own backyard. Expand your definition of “outdoors”. Regardless of where you live, adventure can be found if you can imagine it. Put some distance between yourself and others. Your favorite parks, trails, and trailheads will still be there when things get back to normal.

906 Adventure Team is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit based in Marquette, Michigan committed to empowering people to discover the best version of themselves through outdoor adventures.