Adventure Bingo Club

We want to adventure together. Plenty of research has proven that movement and social connections have a direct and positive impact on our mental and physical health. So, we, at 906AT, are coming up with ways to keep us all moving and connected to our 906AT community. Cause we miss you guys!

Here’s a little twist on Adventure Bike Club (ABC) – Introducing our first installment of Adventure Bingo Club (ABC).


Adventure Bingo Club will begin on Monday, April 20, 2020 and run for two weeks (through Sunday, May 3, 2020).

Rules of Engagement:

  • Download the Adventure Bingo Card. One for each person participating.
  • Invite your friends to play.
  • Choose a row, column or diagonal and get to work!
  • Keep us all connected – As you and yours are completing the activities, post pictures or videos to Instagram and Facebook (on your page or your parent’s page) and use the following hashtags: #906adventureteam #adventurebingoclub #adventurebikeclub #14dayadventurechallenge
  • When you complete a challenge, put an X through the box, or fill it in with highlighter. Or any other creative way to mark it as completed.
  • When you’ve completed your row, column or diagonal, (or the whole card?!) post a pic of your completed bingo card (remember the hashtags)! We’ll send you a sticker! Email Tara at to get your sticker.

Other info:

  • This is for ALL AGES. We fully expect to see adults playing along!
  • If you’re a family, everyone can play. If you’re married, download a card for your spouse, too. If you’re on your own, do it on your own. JUST DO IT
  • We understand that mode of transportation isn’t necessarily a bike. If one of the challenges feels bike-specific and you feel you can achieve it on foot, do it. Your Freedom Machine is whatever you decide it is (non-motorized, of course).
  • If you have suggestions for future bingo cards, shoot me (Tara) an email at
  • Please remember, and we can’t stress this enough, that whatever you do, you should be following local, state and federal guidelines for physical distancing in order to keep us all safe and healthy.
  • **NEW** We added an optional TRACKING SHEET for those challenges that encompass more than one day. It’s added to this page.

We want to help our 906AT community stay active and connected. It’s what we do. But, let’s not stop there. Share this with your friends. Do you know someone who is living alone and could use the adventure and connection in their life? Share it with them, too. We’re in this together!

Now, download the bingo card and let the adventure begin…