Adventure Bingo Club
Round Two

We had a lot of positive feedback on our last Adventure Bingo board and have been enjoying the pictures and connection.  Once was just not enough, though, so let’s continue to adventure together. We’re heading into round two with the hopes of keeping everyone active and connected to the 906AT community and beyond!

We’re changing up some of the challenges. You might even find that this Bingo board is a bit harder than the last. That’s ok. Give it a shot. Do what you can. Then, challenge yourself to do some more.

Things are difficult right now… For all of us and for so many of our sponsors, many of whom are small businesses. Our sponsors are key to the success of our programs, year after year. So, we want to do what we can to give back – we’re buying gift cards from many of our sponsors to offer as prizes to a handful of lucky Adventure Bingo participants (details on how to win are below). We hope that Adventure Bingo brings some movement and connection to you and some much needed support to many of our sponsors.

Introducing Adventure Bingo 2.0

When: Adventure Bingo will begin on Monday, May 4, 2020 and run for two weeks (through Sunday, May 17, 2020).

Rules of Engagement (these remain nearly unchanged):

  • Download the Adventure Bingo Card. One for each person participating.
  • Invite your friends to play (this will count towards a challenge this time!)
  • Choose a row, column or diagonal and get to work!
  • Keep us all connected – As you and yours are completing the activities, post pictures or videos to Instagram and Facebook (on your page or your parent’s page) and use the following hashtags: #906adventureteam #adventurebingoclub #adventurebikeclub #14dayadventurechallenge
  • When you complete a challenge, put an X through the box, or fill it in with highlighter. Or any other creative way to mark it as completed.
  • Something new – When you’ve completed your row, column or diagonal, post a pic of your completed bingo card (remember the hashtags) and email it to  you’ll get a free entry into a drawing for gift cards from some of our sponsors! Want more than one entry? No problem… for each row, column, or diagonal that you complete, you’ll get another entry! That’s a possibility of up to 12 entries (the whole board!)
  • Keep in mind – if you are a family of four and each of you is completing a row together, you EACH get an entry. Be sure to print a board for each member of the family.

Other info:

  • This is for ALL AGES. We fully expect to see adults playing along!
  • If you’re a family, everyone can play. If you’re married, download a card for your spouse, too. If you’re on your own, do it on your own. JUST DO IT
  • We understand that mode of transportation isn’t necessarily a bike. If one of the challenges feels bike-specific and you feel you can achieve it on foot, do it. Your Freedom Machine is whatever you decide it is (non-motorized, of course).
  • If you have suggestions for future bingo cards, shoot me (Tara) an email at
  • Please remember, and we can’t stress this enough, that whatever you do, you should be following local, state and federal guidelines for physical distancing in order to keep us all safe and healthy.
  • There’s an optional TRACKING SHEET for those challenges that encompass more than one day .
  • One of the challenges requires a link – here’s the link for the Stockdale Paradox:

Now, download the bingo card and let the adventure begin…