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906 Adventure Team relies on income from events, equipment grants, sponsorships, and individual donors like you to sustain the organization. Every partner is important, and we could not be successful without every one of them, but there is something special about the bond we share with you, the individual. There’s a good chance we’ve [...]

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Adventure Bingo Club

Adventure Bingo Club We want to adventure together. Plenty of research has proven that movement and social connections have a direct and positive impact on our mental and physical health. So, we, at 906AT, are coming up with ways to keep us all moving and connected to our 906AT community. Cause we miss you [...]

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DNA of Adventure Series: Self-Supported Ethos

DNA of Adventure Series: Self-Supported Ethos (This is the second blog post of the series.) By Todd Poquette, Director of Adventure You are on your own. You accept responsibility for your preparation, choices, and the outcome. – The Crusher, Enhanced Gravel Wilderness Adventure Our introduction to the DNA of Adventure Series began with a [...]

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Don’t go into the woods, unprepared!

Don’t go into the woods….. unprepared! Social Distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise! However, many of our more popular parks and trailheads are seeing an increase in traffic which makes social distancing guidelines difficult to maintain. To combat that some folks will head into the backcountry [...]

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I’m a runner.

I’m a runner. Running has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad and uncle used to run marathons in Detroit and the surrounding areas. I remember going to Belle Isle to watch him finish and I was always in awe of every part of the race. I [...]

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Press Release: 906 Adventure Team Youth Programs, Marji Camp, The Crusher, Marji Gesick

Press Release: 906 Adventure Team Youth Programs, Marji Camp, The Crusher, Marji Gesick March 24, 2020 Following the Governor's shelter in place order, continued calls for social distancing, and mounting uncertainty, the 906 Adventure Team and Director of Adventure, Todd Poquette, addresses questions about Adventure Bike Club and community events: Marji Camp, The Crusher, [...]

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