After a while we’ll start to sound like a broken record but you need to be reminded. You are on your own. No one is out there to save you. GPS is required. We do not provide signage. Road rules apply at all times. Leave no trace ethics must be followed. You won’t see volunteers. You’re on your own. Dial 911 in an emergency, but be advised cell service is unreliable. We recommend a satellite enabled device that will allow you to text when needed.

Link: (https://crushergravel.com/details/self/)


July 1, 2022 – September 30, 2022


EX40                  12-HOURS

EX100                24-HOURS

EX225                40-HOURS

EX50NFR           24-HOURS



Hit the link below for the full gear list. Note: if you are bikepacking the gear list does not include equipment such as sleep system, shelter, multi-day menu, etc. You’ll need to consider those additional items too. If you have questions shoot us an email and we can provide suggestions.

U.P. weather can be unforgiving, change rapidly, and create life-threatening situations for the ill-prepared. We’ve had Crushers get lost and bivy through a severe thunderstorm overnight in an emergency blanket. Countless emergency blankets get used every year during the Crusher. Don’t overlook anything. Be smart. This is a self-supported event. You are on your own. 

Link:  https://crushergravel.com/recommended-gear/


You should absolutely use one. They are included in the cost of your registration. At times the beacons do not work. Make sure your family is prepared for that possibility and let them know calling us to yell at us does not fix the problem. We do everything in our power to ensure accurate tracking, but this is a self-supported event and you need to be ready for things going wrong – which includes the possibility your beacon does not work.

Make sure family and friends have a copy of your travel plans, start time, estimated finish time, etc. We advise strongly against doing any of the events alone and starting any of the events at night.

We partner with Trackleaders (www.trackleaders.com) to track the EX events. Family, friends, and fellow Crushers can “watch your dot”. Here’s what you need to share when emailing us for a beacon:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Event
  • Date of your event
  • Leave time

Don’t request a beacon for dates “you think you might try”. Our equipment is limited and we don’t want to be updating the form four times a day because you change your plans every time the weather does.

You’re welcome to use personal Spot or InReach beacons, however, we need you to send us the correct info to connect your device to the Trackleaders system. Refer to your device manual or online resources for help.

Secure a beacon by emailing Todd todd@906adventureteam.com

Coordinate beacon pickup with Todd (906-748-0034).


You should spend time prior to the event doing your homework, identifying checkpoints, and developing a plan to make sure you don’t miss them. Selfies are required at each mandatory checkpoint, and you will be disqualified if you fail to provide them. Teams can follow any route and visit checkpoints in any order, GPX-driven events are linear, with the routes taking you past the required checkpoints. Just be aware of where they are are *near* but not always directly on the route. 


Do your homework. Install maps to a backup device (your phone, see our website). Know where you are, where you can go, and where you can’t go. Do not trespass.


In the past we offered a cue sheet identifying potential water sources, bail points, and more. The problem with em’ is this: the mileage is never right, and by doing the homework for everyone, we’re encouraging a lack of proper preparation. Lets be honest, folks fail to prepare all the time, and when you’re doing a 30-mile cross country race in town, cramping out and getting to the beer tent early ain’t a big deal. But this isn’t a 30-mile cross country race, you can’t quit when you’re not as fast as you hoped. There is no beer tent and you could legitimately suffer grave consequences if you’re not ready for the challenge. So on that note, cue sheets are on you. Study the course. Get familiar with it. Set yourself up for success. If you are not comfortable with this level of accountability you should stay home.


You need to secure your passport* and beacon prior to leaving. Contact Todd at 906- 748-0034. Passports and beacons are typically handed out on Friday (prior to the weekend you’re planning to crush it) but for those of you who choose to dodge work and do it during the week, you’ll need to coordinate a rendezvous with Todd.

* Passports will not be available until later in July but we have all of the info you need. It will be delivered through the “Enhanced Newsfeed” and/or Todd if you contact him directly. We’ve had a number of changes made to the EX courses over recent weeks prompted by logging operations running over and roads being closed for nearly a month at a time. Once we feel confident with the routes and information we have the final passport versions will be released.


Once Crusher season opens Todd will send a Monday morning email every week. Watch for it. It will contain route updates (if there are any) and the plan for that week regarding passport and beacon pickup. Equipment will usually be picked up at Todd’s house, or possibly at Adventure Bike Club, or on Chunky Summit.


  1. Crusher is a self-supported event. You are responsible for you. By doing this event you agree to abide by the Self-Supported Ethos at all times.
  2. Carry the recommended gear at all times. Don’t stash it on course for later.
  3. Road rules apply. Do not get hit by a car, cause an accident or cause mayhem.
  4. Approved cycling helmets must be worn at all times.
  5. You must have a GPS unit.
  6. The team that completes the course in the least amount of time after penalties/bonuses wins.
  7. a) Teams must stick together at all times – no split checkpoints.
  8. b) Teams must reach at least 3 of the 7 checkpoints to finish.
  9. c) There are 2 mandatory checkpoints. They are labeled with red text in the passport.
  10. d) Teams may reach checkpoints in any order.
  11. e) Time penalties/bonuses are as follows:
  12. 3 checkpoints +2 hrs penalty
  13. 4 checkpoints -1 hr bonus
  14. 5 checkpoints -3 hr bonus
  15. 6 checkpoints -4 hr bonus
  16. 7 checkpoints -6 hr bonus
  17. Do not trespass.
  18. Neutral assistance is allowed from locals and other racers. Neutral is defined as

offered equally to everyone!

  1. Competitors can stock up on supplies at a C-store, restaurant, community aid station, etc.
  2. In the event they leave the course for any reason, competitors must return to the same

point they left the course and begin from there. (Teams are exempt here – they have no course!)

  1. The race director reserves the right to disqualify teams for any reason deemed by race

officials to be unsportsmanlike or otherwise against the spirit of the event.

  1. Checkpoints are landmark based. You’ll be required to take a picture per the checkpoint descriptions in this passport.
  2. All distances are approximate, your mileage may vary depending on the accuracy of your device, the presence of a wheel sensor, battery strength, etc. Be prepared. Adapt.


We work with several organizations to gain land access, submit permits with State of MichiganUSFS (and others) every year. Crusher is the result of a massive collaboration and volunteer effort.

Michigan Tech granted us access to their property on the EX225. Under normal circumstances the property is not open to the public. We appreciate the opportunity to use it for Crusher. Other land partners include several timber companies, The Nature Conservancy, Koski Corner Convenience Plaza, and more.


Koski Corner Convenience Plaza: If you opt to park your vehicle here instead of the MDOT Park & Ride you need to go inside the building and talk to staff. They’ll tell you where you can park your vehicle. They are aware of the event. They are also open 24-hours.

Corner Cafe: Not necessarily a land use note but it’s about food so it’s important. The Corner Cafe is located across the street from Koski Corner Convenience Plaza. They are open for business.

Celotex Road (Nature Conservancy): Be advised Celotex Road is gated on both ends. We have permission to use the road, go around the gates. Generally speaking when you encounter a gate or a berm on any Crusher route – we are aware of it and if the route indicates that is the way you go… that is the way you go.

Peshekee Grade: The bridge over the Peshekee River will be out for up to three weeks during the month of July. An important note for anyone planning to support you.


Assuming you don’t get #crushed, here’s what you need to do to claim your green dot:

  1. Upload your ride and checkpoint photos to Strava.
  2. Make sure your profile (or at least the ride) is set to public.
  3. Copy the ride url and email it to: events@906adventureteam.com
  4. It will take a week or so for your results to be updated, so be patient.

Result tracking for the EX events is a manual process. It takes a lot of time. You can help us out by following directions. Send the right info to the right email. Don’t forget to include half the photos, or send the wrong photos. When we end up chasing information through back and forth email it slows everything down.


Without natural resources and access to them Crusher would not exist. Your actions on the trail will impact all of us. Make sure you read and understand the Leave No Trace guidelines. We need to leave the trail in better condition than we found it.

Link: https://crushergravel.com/leave-no-trace/









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