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Tinker Juarez - MG100

Todd Poquette
February 17, 2017

Hello everyone, I got home today from Marquette Michigan. I did the second annual Marji

Gesick 100. I was very happy to hear last year there was around 150 rider and this year 600

riders. I'm so happy to see how much mountain biking is growing all over USA . It's was a

beautiful race and the trails where mind blowing and amazing , endless berms, 80% single track

roughly, super twisty lots of roots, rocky so much Forest I hardly ever seen the Sun the whole

day and started hurting around mi 90 with so much energy focusing to be smooth and not hitting

trees all day and Punchy climb that add around 12,000ft after riding all day. I'm super stoked I

won and believe me it was very close the whole entire race. Matt Acker from Michigan new how

to Shred the trails so i felt better riding behind local knowledge. There was no room for mistakes

and we both where feeling it. I decided now or never to make a move and started a small gap

that got longer and longer, but when I miss Arrow lost over 5 mins after turning around and

asking a volunteer I new winning was over since losing to much time, I started feeling wobbly

need to focus now just to finish and not give up second place. I started feeling a little better

noing it almost over and the volunteers where saying I was in first place and I said I was in

second and Matt was leading I just kept focus and past the last feed zone since it was off the

course out of view so i kept going and didn't realize that's where Matt stop for a few minutes. I

just wanted to finish and had one more steep climb and one more poker chip to grab at the top

of the hill before I headed back to the finish line. When I saw second place heading up climb

that I was going down I new he was close, I had to give everything in me to win and when i seen

the finish line it felt like gold from those hills I ridden all day. Great competition make winning

feel awesome even with the suffering at the end of 10 hours of racing. I don't want to forget the

race promoter Todd Poquette for taking good care of me and treating me with so awesome

trails. Of course there are so many other people I want to thank for making me feel like part of

the family. I'm just bless and thankful to have new friends from Michigan. I hope to see you next

year. PS, I cherish this buckle above all my other buckle that I won in my racing career. - Tinker Juarez