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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Youth events

906 Adventure TeamRange Mountain Bike Club-RAMBA and NTN Singletrack re partnering to offer families an opportunity to get outside and have some fun.

Event Summary:

 Our first Take A Kid Mountain Biking Night was cut short by bad weather - so we're giving it a second GO! This is a non-competitive, family focused, fun event. Families are encouraged to read anout the event and ask questions ahead of time. 4-5 ride options will be offered based on participation. Each ride is described below in the event details. You self-seed yourself and your child. Choose an approriate ride. Be on time. If you miss your ride leave time, catch the next ride. Dinner will be served at approx 7:00pm.


Be advised we are staggering group ride start times. We will leave time - don't be late.

Rides leave:

6:00pm ADVANCED Youth: Fast. Experienced riders. No stops. 100% singletrack. This ride will be limited to a small number of riders. Youth riders must be very proficient on his or her bike. Return 7:15.

6:10pm INTERMEDIATE Youth: No drop ride. Parents accompany youth. Moderate pace. Occassional stops. Mix of singletrack and two track. Best suited for youth who have experienced mixed trail riding and those who feel comfortable in singletrack. Return 7:15

6:15pm BMX Track/INTERMEDIATE Youth: Parents must accompany youth. We're going to limit this group to 20 Kids. The BMX track is a bunch of fun but we do caution parents - for inexperienced children we advise extreme caution. It is only advisable to choose this ride if your child is familiar with BMX or very proficient on his or her bike. Return 7:15.

6:30pm BEGINNER Youth: No drop ride. Parents must accompany youth. Some gentle singletrack around Tourist Park with mostly two-track riding on the other side of the river. Great introduction to mountain biking and opportunity to have some fun. Return 7:15

.6:40pm STRIDERS/BALANCE BIKES: If we have enough youth on strider and balance bikes we will take a fun ride on the trails around the Tourist Park Playground! Return 7:15.

Pizza will be delivered at 7:00pm. Refreshments will be provided. 




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