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Monday Grind

Adult events

This will be our FINAL Monday Grind of the year as we transition into our youth and family programming for summer and fall. 

We're partnering with NTN Singletrack to provide you ONE preview of the MTF Long and Short courses. Don't miss this chance to get a first-hand look at the NEW long course. 

There wil be two groups riding Monday night. Both will meet at the Marquette Mountain Parking Lot. We will shuttle people from the Mountain to Forestville Pole Barn. Shuttles will leave at 6:15pm Overachievers can ride to the Pole Barn and meet us there. Shuttle should arrive around 6:35pm. Short course previewers will ride from the parking lot and do the entire course. 

Short Course = 14 miles, Estimated finish 1.75-2.0 hoursLong Course = 31-33 miles, Estimated finish 3 hours

LONG COURSE PREVIEW CAUTION: This ride will not be stopping. We suggest joining only if you are compleltey confident you can hold a 10-12MPH pace or you do not mind dropping and finding your own creative way back to the Marquette Mountain Parking Lot. 99% of our rides have been no-drop with this being one of the rare exceptions based on time restrictions. We apologize for the inconvienence. 

SHORT COURSE PREVIEW: Will be no drop. 

Same rules as every other week:

1. No jerks.

2. Come prepared with a light, GPS, tools etc. You take care of you. 

3. Respect your fellow riders. 

4. Find a group/speed that suits you

5. Understand "social" rides can be subjective. If you seed yourself in the wrong group it might seem like more of a sufferfest. That's your call. 

At the end of the day... it's just about riding bikes. Lets not stress the details.



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